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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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superstition too, and we had better guard against that.
The man who believes a thing because he says,
" Thus saith the Lord," ti It is written in the Bible/'
is no doubt superstitious to that extent, because he
has no good basis for that belief. He is taking the
unessential for the essential, and that is the basis of
all superstition. But remember that it is only one
step forward from that superstition to say, < Thus
says Madame Blavatsky; it is written in The. Secret
Doctrine." It is a step I admit, because there is a
great deal more evidence that Madame Blavatsky
knew what she was talking about than, let us say,
S. Paul did, or any of the older writers. But the
thing is no more your own because Madame Blavatsky
said it than because S. James or S. Peter said it,
unless you understand it and make it part of your-
selves, grow into it and let it grow into you. So long
as you are only reading things parrotwise, those
things are only superstition. The very belief in the
thing may be a superstition, if it have no better basis
than that it is written here or there. You have to
understand a thing for yourselves. When it becomes
a part of your mental system you can say, ls It is part
of me, it is mine, and I know why I believe in it, and
therefore my belief in it is an intelligent Jbelief, and
not merely superstition." I am afraid there is a
great deal of unintelligent belief even in the truth, in
many cases* Of course you can easily take example
after example of the way in which the essential and